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The best of the Spring/Summer 2018 Resort collections Part 3

We have made it here at last to the concluding part 3 of this series of posts dedicated to the Resort collections of 2018. Last week I posted 2 blog posts where I covered 6 luxury runway collections that I have been obsessed with the past month and today I will conclude with my final 3 favourites, which marks the end of Resort collections and the signals the long awaited and impending Women’s luxury collections of September that prompts the fashion weeks of Paris, New York, London and Milan. The collections that I will discuss in this blog post may be the last but are certainly not the least and are just as beautiful and flawless as the previous 6.

Before reading this blog post why not have a look at my previous 2 parts so you can catch up on all my thoughts on popular fashion houses. By clicking here you can read part 1 and here you can read part 2. I have had so much fun writing and composing my thoughts into cohesive and well thought out pieces this last week so it is bittersweet to be ceasing this series with the last and final part. While Septembers fashion month seems to be an age away (because I am so impatient), it truly won’t be long coming and my blog once again will be filled with content and posts that highlight the best of the runways woohoo!

Louis Vuitton

One of the most well-known and famous brands that has every graced the runway never puts a foot wrong when unveiling a collection and this thought was carried through their most recent Resort collection once again. Pioneered by Nicolas Ghesquière, the collection hit the runway in Kyoto, Japan which was utter perfection as a backdrop for the pieces that proceeded in front of the most critical eyes of the fashion industry. The vibe that I received from each complete look was very much analogous to a Samurai, a Japanese warrior of premodern Japan which explains the venue of choice. Military and masculine accents dotted each look in abundance with a pair of killer boots to finish the look off, again inviting the viewer to perceive that military concept that Louis Vuitton has chosen for next year. I am utterly consumed with the genius eye that it took to capture this concept so eloquently and find it difficult to turn away when displayed in front of my hungry eyes. The v neck of the jackets, tops and dresses coupled with a belt tied around the waist of the model is downright stunning and is reminiscent of the attire once adorned by the great warriors of Japan. There is so much delicacy among the masculinity whether it be the feminine pattern motifs that decorate the masterful top and bottom co-ords or the gorgeous dresses embellished in a lace finish that is coupled with dark defined brows and a jet-black army hat. Ahead of the conclusion of this stunning review that I seem to be conjuring up, I must divulge in of course the signature bags that have given Louis Vuitton its success. The iconic LV signature made an appearance of course on bags of all silhouettes and sizes, my favourites of the collection being the suitcase inspired round handbag and the mini drawstring handbag that has made its way onto my wish list amongst the other LV bags that have each had their time in the spotlight. There is not enough words in the English language that could be applied to this collection that could give enough justice so I will just have to leave it with my parting words that it will be difficult for Louis Vuitton to top this collection for fashion week yet I have a feeling that it will be as explosively brilliant as this one.

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Bec & Bridge

Including this brand in my best of compilation was one of the few shocks that I had while browsing through the runway collections. Its nearly a guarantee that fashion houses like Dior, Fendi, Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc. are going to create collections that are going to be instant winners so I always do try to make a conscious effort to look outside of these effortlessly perfect luxury fashion houses and on to brands that are slowly but surely rising through the ranks to take a place amongst the greats of the fashion industry. Bec & Bridge under the capable hands of Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston has grabbed a hold of my attention with this Resort collection and I continuously found myself drawn back to this collection to admire more of the sleek silhouettes that worship the female form fluently.  The colour choice of the collection is what instantly took my attentiveness and for me is one of the reasons why I feel that I resound so strongly with this brand. As you all have probably observed over the past few months I can have quite a monochromatic taste when the mood hits me (don’t get me wrong I still love the Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana vibrancy!) so to see a brand that dedicates its collection to this theme with accents of blue looks scattered amongst, it’s absolutely stunning. Everything about this collection screams unabashedly feminine and sexy which I think is quite a juxtaposition to the colour palette with its blacks and whites which is usually painted on more masculine silhouettes.  When looking at this collection, look after look captures my attention equally with unique merit yet I must pay a special mind to the looks that are created in a silk material which are as abundant as they are striking. These looks ooze sex appeal with the material used and the strappy sandal to complete the look while also having a classy quality to them in the form of the dress which makes these an immediate faultless favourite of mine, no contest!

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Tanya Taylor

We have finally come to the end of my compilation of my favourite Resort collections of 2018 and what better brand to end on than Tanya Taylor. This brand established by the namesake Tanya Taylor herself is a boho spirited girls every desire wrapped into one cohesive and beautifully collection. This collection screams youth and freedom with floral motifs that decorate many of the looks in the dreamiest yellows, reds and blues that adorn silhouettes which are classic and reappear around springtime year after year. If an investment is what you are looking for then Tanya Taylor is your girl, these pieces will unquestionably last a lifetime and are a classically gorgeous as they come. I am in adoration of every piece of this collection and cannot find one thing that I wouldn’t wear whether it be the fur jacket, the dresses filled with striped and floral embellishments or the leather skirt decaled with blue, white and red sow motifs (I need this skirt asap!). While brands such as Dior and Sachin & Babi are not exactly everyday wear, the opposite can certainly be said for Tanya Taylor. This is the collection that will carry you through day in and day out whether it’s going to work, going to a party or you’re on holiday which is the versatility that makes up the backbone of all our wardrobes. When all else fails Tanya Taylor is there to pick you right back up and bring that uncomplicated bohemian glam to your look which has become a classic with the help of fashion houses like Chloé.  I could never write or articulate enough about this collection that would ever give it the praise that is deserves, the best compliment that I could give is I would nearly cut off my right arms just to get my hands on the floral baby blue shift dress (I said nearly!).

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With that last sentiment in mind I have finally concluded my 9 favourite fashion collections to grace the Resort runway this past month. I don’t think I have written so much in a week before this series and I am feeling seriously accomplished. This has been so much fun and I am nearly jumping out of my seat with excitement for the next fashion week season. I know at the moment there is some Haute Couture collections currently underway so I am debating on writing a post or two on those…

Let me know in the comments down below what your favourite collection was out of the 9 that I wrote about and shared my thoughts on in the comments down below! Also, would you like to read my thoughts on the current Haute Couture collections? I would love to write all about them so let me know in the comments would you enjoy to read them!

Mary J xo

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