Monday, June 5, 2017

The Grecian Goddess

When I think of summer I know that my mind immediately jumps along with the rest of the fashion industry to the beach friendly seersucker pattern and of course floral motifs that can be found in every nook and cranny of every boutique that litters the cities. While these prints are classics and of course are reinvented each year to adapt to the trend at hand, this year I have seen an emergence of a much more exciting trend taken from a period in history that is not only surrounded in a field of gold and riches but also is a prominent part in history with ruins still heavily scattered across Greece. Of course, I think you have all guessed by now that I am talking about the Grecian inspired silhouettes that I have spotted popping up among collections here, there and everywhere much to my delight. An interest that not many people know I have is learning all about Greek history and remnants of the great kingdom that once reigned over Greece, so seeing something so dear to my heart and mind enter the fashion industry (another great love of mine!) as elegantly and successfully as it has made it a must in my mind to dedicate a blog post to this exciting movement.

The number of brands that have taken the liberty to explore this trend is relatively small but is growing collection by collection and I have no doubt in my mind that by Spring/Summer 2018 we will all be Grecian Goddesses strutting around the boulevards drawing eyes everywhere we go!
Here are some of the brands that I would have to commend and mention for the beautiful Grecian creations that have inspired me to write this blog post.


Chanel, one of my all-time favourite fashion houses has for me become the fashion leader as it so often does in this inclusion of Grecian inspiration in their Chanel Resort Spring/Summer 2018 collection. If you have not had the chance to take a peek at this alluring collection yet I would recommend you check out my Pinterest board that I have created to highlight the essence of the collection here. Chanel’s runway was littered with glittering gold and embellishments galore placed ever so flawlessly on fabrics dotted with gold and silver motifs, tying the whole look together with a pair of heeled gladiator sandals that climbed up to the knee. The collection was utterly indescribable and I could never even do it justice even if I tried.


While Chanel has of course become the beacon for this trend, there is also an abundance of brands that have adapted to the Grecian silhouette who are currently killing this trend such as Toga. Toga is a brand who has created feminine collections that are scattered with edgy silhouettes and contemporary embellishments which have a very Grecian feel in my opinion. I only recently discovered this brand and have fallen in absolute adoration of the fashion forwardness yet historical inspiration that I experience when browsing through this brands previous collections. Their silk wrap skirts and belted pleated dresses are what drew me to this brand and truly opened my eyes to the rest of this genius collection full of pieces that I would jump at the chance to wear. If Grecian vibes are what you are trying to channel this Summer I would have to recommend Toga and their artistic brilliance which is injected into every piece.

Shop Toga

Zero + Maria Cornejo

This fashion house pioneered by Chilean designer Maria Cornejo is another source of inspiration for Grecian silhouettes that are surrounded with sculptural yet fluid designs that are jaw dropping works of art. While Greek inspiration usually pronounces the use of gold and glitter to bring the point across, Maria Cornejo uses a much more withdrawn and refined way to drive the point home with a minimalist aesthetic leaving the harnessed sculptures that is the fabric to speak for themselves solely. This is most certainly a credit to her genius creativity so much so that her pieces need no companion, they can draw the attention of a room solely. The voice that each of her individual pieces bring is something that every fashion house should strive towards and has opened my eyes to the stunningly flawless work that she can do with a single piece of fabric.

Shop Zero + Maria Cornejo

Ancient Greece, a time that compiles much of history is now becoming not only famous for its monuments that year by year are transitioning to ruins but also celebrated for the stunning creations that is the clothes that adorned them throughout the period where they are most celebrated. My hope is for this Grecian trend to become a regular reoccurrence every summer, highlighting the beauty of these unique pieces and the past in which they arose from.

What is your thought on the Grecian inspired trend that is injecting its way into the runways? If you love it as much as I do, let me know in the comments down below what your favourite brand is for Greek influenced piece!

Mary J xo

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