Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer daze

Writing this with my sunglasses on, reclined in a seat admiring the summer sun is as good as it gets. I could not imagine being anywhere else right now, the one true measure of happiness and ultimate peace. Sleeveless tops have become an essential in my day to day attire with the heat reaching its peak in Ireland this past week so I have been taking it in my stride with all intention of getting as much wear out garments that haven’t had much of a chance to leave my wardrobe rail this past year. There is so much air and freedom when your arms are constricted with fabric 99% of the time so I am not letting this stretch of sunshine go to waste indoors.
It has been a minute since I have comprised a look book blog post for my outfit of the day so what better time than now when clothes rarely worn are frequenting in rotation. With the sun high in the sky I have been giving myself the excuse to shop around for more sleeveless tops and have found a few favourites of mine that I will share with you at the end of the post, let’s hope this sun lasts long enough for these purchases to be made!

The outfit

The beautiful top pictured here is from Zara, one of my all-time holy grail high street shops. I have owned this top as I mentioned above for about a year now and is only the second time I have worn it. For me, clothes are an investment and I love to get my money’s worth in wear and memories which is why I made a point of unveiling this piece once again.
Of course, I paired this top with my go-to black H&M jeans which have become an OG on all my blog post looks which if you owned a pair you would understand why. These are one of the comfiest pairs of jeans that I own which pushed me to also buy a pair in a dark blue denim.
Lastly I finished the whole look together with a pair of black lace Toms. I have written at length why Toms or any type of espadrille should be a must in your shoe collection (which you can read here) and are a perfect addition for any summer time ensemble. This pair is stunningly elegant and are an exemplary for dressing up for an event or dressing down for daily wear.
Overall, I wanted to put the top as the focus and eye catching piece of this look, letting the beige and cream hues radiate against the black of the jeans and the shoes. I am absolutely in love with this look and have no doubt that it will be a frequenting outfit that I will draw inspiration from.

Assuredly I will be getting as much use out of my summer wardrobe as I can and for me that begins and ends with a sleeveless top. I pull so much inspiration from browsing through the trends and have pooled together some of my recommendations that are positively breath-taking. Summer is arguably one of the most-loved seasons for obvious reasons and for me like everybody else I get to enjoy the benefits of thinking outside the fashion box for outfits that will be suitable for any summertime occasion whether it’s dinner with some close friends or a family beach day.

Mary J xo

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