Friday, June 23, 2017

My thoughts on Kat Von D's everlasting liquid lipstick

Lipstick is one of the few beauty products that has adorned the lips of many throughout the eras and still to this day is a defining feature of many beauty routines throughout the world. To quote Kate Moss “Lipstick is iconic. It’s the one product that marks out an era”, if that doesn’t sum up the timelessness of this iconic beauty product then I don’t know what can. I must say there is nothing that beats the feeling of unwrapping your latest lipstick purchase that will soon join its sisters in your already flowing collection so that daily task of choosing a shade to wear that day becomes a little bit tougher. I am a lipstick girl through and through, pure bliss is the only way I can describe the feeling while roaming the shelves of unlimiting supplies of shades, brands and textures.
Recently I had been on the hunt to purchase a new lipstick, with the checklist in mind that it had to be by a brand that I had not had the pleasure of trying yet and in a shade that I haven’t graced my lips with yet. With these boundaries in my place I found myself drifting over to the glowing lights of Kat Von D’s shelf full to the brim with her everlasting liquid lipsticks, I think you know where this is going!

Just a little forewarning before I get into my thoughts on this lipstick, this is going to be an absolutely glowing review as I have racked my brain and have not found nor experienced one ounce of a fault with this product. My love for Kat Von D in general is not a recent adoration and I always have admired her for her work ethic and the empire that she has built from the ground up. Women who have a vision and decided to act on it whether others believe in or not are who I aspire to be every day, pushing myself to become a better version of myself which is why I try and also support these businesses turned empires.

When I think of Kat Von D beauty products my mind of course instantly goes to her legendary tattoo eyeliner which everybody and their mother has raved on about for years. Little did I know that a sneaky lip product was making its way through the ranks and would firmly land on my lap for the trying. As soon as my eyes landed on the everlasting liquid lipstick packaging I knew I was sold. There is a stunningly gorgeous rose decal that decorates the top of the cap which drapes down to the top of the tube which highlights Kat Von D’s inner tattooist. The shades that this product come in are not only abundant but so diverse, there in unquestionably a shade to suit every person no matter the skin tone.

The shade that I decided on after much deliberation was Lolita, a pigment that I couldn’t take my eyes off after browsing the rest of the collection. This is a brownish shade with undertones of plum which in my opinion is quite a diverse shade that will carry me through multiple seasons easily. The formula is so creamy and pigmented which I could instantly gain from the first swipe of the brush against my lips.

I cannot find one fault with this product which probably makes this a boring review but I have to be honest. Kat Von D has absolutely knocked this product out of the park and has placed this lipstick in it’s own league. When it says this product is ever lasting they are certainly not kidding! I wore it from morning to evening without reapplying and still had to take a makeup wipe to remove the product (which is basically unheard of). The only lipstick that I found that can give this product any competition is the Isadora lip desire sculpting lipstick (I did a review on this product which you can read here).

I undoubtedly have to give this product 5/5 for the packaging, the variety of shades, the pigment and texture of the formula and overall the price as well. I will have to leave you with the words that if you have already not had the pleasure of trying this outstanding lipstick, please jump on the next opportunity that you have and experience the amazingness for yourself.

What are your thoughts on women who lead in creating a business empire? Have you tried this everlasting liquid lipstick? If you have let me know what shade you tried and what your experience was, I would love to hear all about it!

Mary J xo

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