Monday, June 12, 2017

My review on the Diorshow pump 'n' volume mascara

A realisation hit me the other day as I was browsing through my blog, it has been a minute since I have done anything beauty related on this blog so I am about to change that right now. I am relatively new to trying/purchasing premium or luxury makeup as opposed to drug store brands which if I’m honest left me at odds as to which premium brand I should try first. Nowadays there is so many luxury brands that have incorporated a premium make up line to their collection that it can be quite overwhelming to try and choose one, never mind trying to select a product to test out! My love for all things mascara is renowned at this point, it’s the one product that I am guaranteed to wear daily which ultimately lead me to the decision that the product I would purchase would be a premium mascara. Strolling into Debenhams with the Dior makeup range essentially peering into my soul had me sold in about 2 seconds solidifying my fate and my wallet to purchasing the Dior Diorshow pump ‘n’ volume mascara. I have been using this product almost daily for about a month now so I thought it was about time that I gave you all some insights into this amazing product.

First, I must mention the packaging which as you can see is absolutely stunning, I know I could have been sold to me by just showing the packaging! All around the seal between the wand and the tube is the Dior logo which to me is as iconic as the ‘CC’ Chanel logo, embellished in silver which just screams class and elegance. I had seen this product dotted throughout the media especially with Bella Hadid being the face of Dior makeup which made me even more eager to try it out and see what all the hype was about.
I was a bit sceptically about the selling point of this product which was the whole ‘pump’ feature which was the differentiating factor between other premium mascaras. The bottom half of the tube is encased in a rubber type material which allows you to squeeze the tube while pulling out the wand to prevent any clumps which is any mascara users’ worst nightmare. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work but after using it I can see what all the hype is about. I can say firmly that to date I have never had any issue with clumpy eyelashes or crusty mascara forming on top of the wand which is a win in my books. 

The formula is quite dense and creamy (if you can describe mascara as this?!) which creates an amazing black as night pigment to your eyelashes. The length that this formula gives your eyelashes is off the charts and I know I would be hard pushed to find another mascara that matched up to this one. While I adore the other mascaras that I use such as Maybelline’s Falsies and Rimmel’s Wake me up mascara, I find that Dior gives a better false eyelashes effect than the others which is perfect for events, special occasions or even just for everyday use. I am a person that detests the thought of fake eyelashes so you best believe that I am always on the hunt for a mascara that can give me that same effect without any hassle.

Ultimately I hold this product in a very high regard and I am absolutely delighted to announce that my first experience with premium was so positive. Not only would I recommend this product to you all but I know that it will be a mascara that I will be repurchasing no doubt when it runs out. Dior’s makeup range seems to be rising to new heights especially with the release of their new Dior Addict laquer stick so I hope to explore more of their range in the near future and give you all an inside into my verdicts.

What is your view on premium makeup? Is it worth the cost or do you think drugstore is just as good if not better? Let me know in the comments down below so we can all have a chat about it!

Mary J xo

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