Friday, June 2, 2017

Birthday Celebration

As I write this I cannot believe that in a matter of hours I will be leaving behind the decade of the teen years and moving onwards and upwards towards my twenties. My teens feel like they lasted a lifetime yet in the same breath I remark that ‘they went in the blink of an eye!’ I cannot help but experience nostalgia when thinking back on the last ten years where you enter those years of self-discovery and unimaginable growth, where thoughts become independent and feelings become unearthed for what they are.

I must admit that I am the person that performs the countdown to my birthday every year. There is nothing I love more in this world than my Mom taking me out for my birthday dinner each year, celebrating another wonderful year under my belt. I am not a person that enjoys a huge party, I prefer to keep it more intimate and spend it around my closest friends and family, the people that know me inside outside, even the not so savoury parts of me.
Of course, I am not going to forget about the presents! I could lie and say that I don’t enjoy them, but who would I be kidding. Every year I like to pick something that is more of an investment for my wardrobe and will certainly last the test of time. This year is no different and have picked out two pieces that I have had my eyes on for months (have I built up enough suspense yet!)

As you all know there is few things I adore more in this world than a pair of investment jeans and jewellery, so it really is no surprise that I have picked these out for myself. GRLFRND denim has nearly become a household name on my Instagram with women adorning them left, right and centre! This brand has created the most stunning pair of luxury jeans that I have every clasped eyes on, the Natalia high-rise skinny jeans in black.  These are no ordinary pair of skinny jeans, showcasing a split on the ankle of each pant leg which is so elegant in bringing length to your leg while also adding a flavour of grunge to the look at the same time. These jeans as I said are more of a luxury piece which is why I have waited till my birthday to get myself a pair and hop on the bandwagon merrily.

When it comes to jewellery I have very little restraint for spending! Again, I have Instagram to blame for peeking my interest in this necklace by Missoma. I have mentioned Missoma in a previous blog post which you can read here and I am finally buying the item that I have been lusting after for the longest time which is the Evil Eye necklace from the Evil Eye collection that they have created. I have always admired evil eye jewellery and spent the better part of a month looking for the right piece that I could say I fell in love with instantly and let me tell you this is certainly the piece. It is crafted so beautifully and falls at just the right length around your neck that no other necklace that I have looked at compares to this one.

While it is clear that I have great love for the birthday presents that I will be getting for my 20th, I also cannot put into words how amazing this last year has been. I learned so much about myself and can say that without a shadow of doubt that my confidence has almost doubled. It was the year where I finally decided to take the plunge and start a blog that I had been dreaming about for years and it has probably been one of the best decisions of my life. I made so many strides in so many different aspects in my life the last 365 days that the excitement for the next 365 days is off the charts. I look forward to when the clock strikes 12 and can welcome my 20’s with a warm and eager embrace.

Mary J xo 

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