Wednesday, June 7, 2017

4 dresses that will get you through the summer wedding season

Wedding season always comes hand in hand with the summer season which is truly in full swing. I don’t know about you but sometimes it can feel so overwhelming choosing the perfect dress to wear attending a wedding with so many beautiful options and styles to choose from. For me, I know that I will no doubt scroll through a million (maybe even more!) different dress possibilities until I land on the perfect one that not only suits me but also fits the theme of the wedding whether it be rustic, contemporary, bohemian or classic. I know that filling all these requirements can so often be a tall order and seem impossible to fill so I thought why don’t I compile a list of dresses that will suit an array of weddings. These dresses are versatile enough to bring anyone through the wedding season and even after that to other formal occasions. Dresses in my opinion need to be adaptable which is what I have composed this list of so you will definitely get your money’s worth in wear and enjoyment.

Lace Detail Dresses

I think I have made it quite clear in other blog posts that I have written that lace has a special place in my heart! There is just this elegance that lace brings to a dress which in my opinion is nearly unmatched in any other design or pattern motif. Lace is a perfect option for any wedding that you are attending giving the dress a beautiful formality without upstaging the bride. The essence of the flawless embroidery is the versatility in which it can be an understated feature of a dress or become the centre focus. When discussing lace, I cannot go without mentioning the reigning king of lace dresses, Han Chong, the mastermind designer behind the Self Portrait dresses. If there was ever a dress that was more suitable for a wedding or any formal occasion for that matter it would be Self Portrait dresses. The delicacy yet statement aspects to the designs entitle these dresses to beckon the attention of any room and fulfil the role of suiting any occasion especially weddings.

Floral Motif Dresses

I know this quite an obvious option to include but if I didn’t include this style it would feel like this post was incomplete. I personally love a beautifully crafted floral dress and is always a good back up dress to pull out when nothing else seems to suit the occasion. There is so many variations of floral patterns to choose from that I have no doubts when I say that there is a floral dress out there for everyone. I am a huge fan of Ted Baker floral dresses and weddings are a perfect excuse to purchase one of these gorgeous creations which will become an essential in your wardrobe for multiple occasions. More often than not, I feel people overlook this “common” pattern yet I don’t think they are seeing the multifaceted essence to this dress which will take you from wedding to wedding with ease.

Block Colour Dresses

Never underestimate the power of a block colour especially when applied to a dress silhouette! This can so easily transition from a wedding attendee dress to an evening dress with a quick change of accessories which is the main reason why I adore this style of dress. There are so many colours and silhouettes to choose from that by far this style gives the most diverse selection, ensuring you will never turn up to an occasion wearing the same dress as someone else! This style of dress is perfect for any wedding and can be tailored accordingly to suit the occasion. Accessories are the true focal point to a block colour dress and allow much more freedom to wear statement pieces to complete the look. I must recommend Asos when it comes to purchasing this style of dress, they have such an extensive range in their Wedding season edit that you can’t go wrong!

Midi Length Dresses

It doesn’t get more classic than a midi length dress! This is a length that is particularly fitting for more formal affairs such as weddings so it is a perfect option for the season upon us. The grace and elegance that this length brings to any type of dress whether it be lace, floral or block colours is unfound in any other length. I much prefer to wear a midi length dress over a full-length dress purely for the convenience of not having to hike it up every time you want to dance! Accessories are a must when styling a midi length and will guarantee that you are fit for any occasion that comes your way this season. Diane Von Furstenberg is a must when it comes to purchasing a classic midi length and is a brand that I look upon very highly for the beautiful dresses she creates. I have dedicated an entire blog post to the gorgeous DVF label which you can read here. Timelessness of a midi length dress ensures this as a must in any wardrobe and what better excuse to purchase one that for a wedding.

Are you excited for this wedding season that is now in full swing? What style of dress will you be wearing to an upcoming wedding? Let me know in the comments down below!

Mary J xo

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