Monday, May 15, 2017

Rain rain here I come

The irony of Irish weather never ceases to amaze me, last week we were living in the lap of sunshine whereas this week seems to be the complete opposite. On days like today there is nothing I want more than to curl up in bed and binge watch my latest obsession Lucifer. On a side note, this is a programme that needs more air time, its freaking amazing! The whole curling up in a ball in bed never really is a reality in life so the next best thing is to dress uber-comfy. Days like today remind me why I can never full retire my winter wardrobe and to always keep a few coats lying around for moments like this. Recently I have genuinely loved doing these outfit posts, so I am thinking about allocating Monday and Friday blog posts to my two favourite outfits of the week. Let me know in the comments if that is something you would enjoy; I know I would enjoy composing them!

Alright since I have that question out of the way, let’s get to the outfit. As you all probably know at this stage that I love a good lightweight knit. This knit is in such an usual colour that the minute my eyes clasped it hanging on the rails I had to pick it up. The sleeves are by far my favourite part of this piece; it gives me this ‘vampy’ vibe that I think fits into the 90s trends very nicely. I of course had to pair with a pair of blue jeans, (you can read about my obsession with blue jeans here) and an oversized rain jacket.  Believe or not the socks pictured here are actually men’s socks, these are a holy grail piece for those winterish days when boots are the only option.


 My mom took me out for coffee this morning which was so generous of her, so of course I had to take an Instagram worthy picture of this delicious breakfast. When doing an outfit posts, I thought I might as well include where I wore this outfit to. The minute I got home, the lace up boots were off my feet and I was curled pup on the sofa like a sleepy cat. Even though I am most definitely a fan of this weather, I did love my outfit today. Note to self, keeps those knits around a little longer!

The outfit

Top – H&M

Jeans – H&M

Jacket – No longer available (similar here)

Socks – Hike

Shoes – No longer available (similar here)

Mary J xo


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