Friday, May 26, 2017

Dolce & Gabbana: Bringing the tropics to fashion

Summertime is full of bright blue skies, daring fashion choices, exotic prints and pure joy. If I was to describe Dolce & Gabbana’s latest Spring/Summer 2017 collection ‘Tropico Italiano’ it would be in these exact words. I could never provide enough justice and praise towards this collection merely through words, it is a work of art that needs to be experienced through your very own eyes just so it can be appreciated to the full extent. It is not often where I can pronounce a love for every piece in a collection, I cannot find single item that I wouldn’t wear if I got the opportunity. This collection is the one that will get you through the summer months effortlessly which is why there was no way that I could leave it out of the summer fashion posts I have been doing these last few weeks. Throughout the post I have linked to my favourite items from the collection although believe you me it was very hard to narrow down!

Just to give a quick history and evolution of D&G, Dolce and Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985. They have over the years transformed from the 1985 version of the brand where they couldn’t afford runway models for their first show ‘Real Women’ to in 2017 becoming one of the biggest fashion houses to date, that is now leading the fashion industry with dignity and honour.
The dresses unveiled in this collection are particularly special and I must say my favourite pieces of the entire collection. Tropical inspiration is written all over these dresses with these exotic prints and flamenco inspired silhouettes yet these dresses also remind me of the great Mexican artist Frieda Kahlo. When I can compare a fashion collection to one of the greatest painters of all time I can safely say that the minds behind the compilation are pure and uninhibited artists themselves. The prints created are so unique and beautiful that I could spend an age admiring them and still never get sick of the embellished motif.

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Of course, with dresses this gorgeous there needs to be shoes that complete the look and let me tell you D&G did not disappoint. The peep-toe and ankle strap, a classic contour for heels provides the backbone for the intricate arrangement of patterns and embellishments that evokes Rio de Janeiro. While these heels compliment the dresses flawlessly, they could also become the focal point of any other outfit therefore becoming essential in any summer wardrobe.

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Last but certainly not least I have to mention the stunning handbags that complete the Dolce & Gabbana tropical girl. Handbag is nearly an understatement for the heights that these bags reach in terms of picturesque artisanship. These handbags are the perfect accessory for any look, occasion or day and I think that is why I have been lusting after these bags ever since I clasped eyes on them. They are the perfect size for carrying daily essentials without compromising any of the beauty of the handbag itself.

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Dolce and Gabbana have displayed how art and fashion are not separate entities but intertwined and so often the most beguiling pieces are because of the flawless marrying of these two divisions.

What is your opinion of this collection? If you love it as much as I do, then let me know in the comments down below what your favourite piece is!

Mary J xo

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