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5 pairs of shoes that are essential in your shoe collection

Shoes are without a doubt in my books an investment piece, the average person must spend half their life in a pair so why waste that time in an uncomfortable pair of shoes. I am a shoe fiend at heart and can’t help but stop at every shoe shop window to admire all the wonderful styles and creations that I would love to have in my collection. There are so many styles and silhouettes of shoes nowadays that it was difficult to narrow it down for this post but I did it. I truly do believe that a stunning pair of shoes can complete any look and can ultimately take you to the great heights of success, after all shoes will be there with you as you walk into all those amazing opportunities! 
Nevertheless, here is my compilation of 5 pairs of shoes that should be present in every shoes collection.

Heeled sandals

Trust me when I say that if you don’t own a pair of these in your collection that problem needs to be fixed asap! When all else fails, heeled sandals will be your saving grace for every outfit and that is something that I can confidentially say. They have such a simple silhouette that it can be the finishing touch for an outfit without taking away any of the attention of the rest of the outfit. I must admit that if I had to pick one pair to recommend I would have to go with the Yves Saint Laurent Jane sandals. These leather sandals with the adjustable ankle strap are so elegantly dainty that I would be hard pushed to find a shoe that measured up to the adaptability of this pair. Although I have a special place in my heart for the YSL Jane sandals there is so many brands to choose from when purchasing a pair of heeled sandals so I will link a few of my personal favourites that are also great options to go with.

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Black boots

Is it even me if I don’t mention my ride or die pair of shoes, black boots. I adore this style of shoes so much that I have dedicated an entire blog post to them which you can read here. Since I have talked about them extensively already I won’t keep you too long! Within the category of black boots there is an abundance of subcategories of different silhouettes and architectures which is in part why I love them so much. There is a style out there for everyone whether it is a killer pair of pointed toe stiletto boots like the Jimmy Choo Melrose boots or a pair 1460 Dr Martens.  As you all know I could talk for an age about this style of shoe so I will leave it at that and just link some of my favourite options below.

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These pair of shoes are perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Espadrilles composed of esparto rope, are a light canvas shoe that are perfect for lazing around on an early spring morning or talking a walk on the beach during the late evening.  I can definitively say that this style of shoe is one of the comfiest pairs that you can own, in essence it is like walking around in a stylish pair of slippers. Espadrilles have become so popular in the last few years that they have been elevated into gorgeous and sometimes humorous designs. Chiara Ferragni and Soludos are in my opinion at the top of the game when it comes to espadrilles so I would have to recommend them if you are thinking of purchasing a pair. These are a pair of shoes that are perfect for going on holiday and I certainly know that I will be packing a pair on my trip. 

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We are back to heels once again! Pumps or courts are an essential heel to own and have in any shoe collection and are ultimately at the top of the list of classics. These are an essential pair of shoes to have that will instantly create a more formal look to an outfit without having to sacrifice any of your personal style. When I think of pumps my mind instantly goes to Christian Louboutin and Gianvito Rossi, two brands where I cannot put my admiration into words. Each of these fashion houses have their own unique take on the classic pump with both having created an unforgettable silhouette that is recognisable instantly. Pumps don’t have to boring to be a timeless shoe and both brands have showcased this among others.  Versatility is the pumps number one adjective so why not invest in a shoe that I guarantee will never go out of style.

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When all is said and done, there is nothing better than sliding your feet into a pair of comfy sneakers at the end of the day. Sneakers are a pair of shoes that will be with you whether the sun is splitting the stones or the rain is pelting down and I think that is why I must include them in this list. I have dedicated a whole blog post to the beauty of Chucks which you can read here so I won’t harp on about them too much but I can assure you that my love for this brand runs deep in my soul. Sneakers have almost had a resurrection in the fashion industry with fashion houses such as Burberry, Gucci and Alexander McQueen all jumping on the trend flawlessly, creating shoes fit for the runway. This style of shoe is perfect for throwing in your car or handbag as a backup in case the shoes on your feet are unsuitable, uncomfortable or both which happens way too often. I know that I personally will always bring a pair on whatever trip that I venture on just in case!

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What is your favourite essential pair of shoes in this blog post? Also, what is your favourite way to style them? Let me know in the comments down below!
Happy shoe shopping!

Mary J xo

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