Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Black Boots Haven

The very nature of black boots is something so indescribable. Whether it be patent, supple leather, studded, strapped or all the above, I am drawn to them like a magpie is entranced by a piece of shiny jewellery. Black boots are the embodiment of a staple in any wardrobe, I cannot recall any occasion where black boots can’t be called on. This piece is the back bone to my wardrobe, the foundation to any great outfit and ultimately, who can go wrong with a good pair of black boots!

My therapeutic ritual of browsing the online shops before I tuck into bed for the night has got me lusting for a whole new collection of black boots especially one pair, the Balenciaga Ceinture leather cut-out boots.  Balenciaga was never a brand that I would think to browse for boots, so to say I was shocked when I found these sublime leather boots is without a doubt an understatement. I am very picky with the 90s trends floating around as it just not really my style but unquestionably Balenciaga has absolutely hit the nail on the head with the 90s grunge inspiration in such a reinvented and tasteful manner. Maybe that’s what has drawn me to these boots so much, the unapologetic voice of the 90s screaming though these boots. Whatever it may be, these leather boots are a must have in my wardrobe.
When speaking of black boots I cannot go without mentioning the Godfather of black boots, Dr. Martens. It doesn’t get any more iconic or timeless than those lace up leather beauties that adorn the feet of so many generations. They are a pair of shoes that grow with you like a best friend and are a shoe that can be pulled out no matter the weather or style. Trends come and go, seasons change yet Dr. Martens remain a fundamental boot in the wardrobes of many and are an investment that will stand the test of time. 
                                               1490 BLACK 11857001  

Frankly the last pair that I am going to mention is stunning yet it surprised me so much when I stumbled across them. Chloe is a label that creates bohemian classics so flawlessly that the I couldn’t believe these beguiling lace ups came from the phenomenal minds at Chloe. Although these boots have a classic silhouette, the drama of the gold eyelets encasing the laces around an open shoe is all I needed to fall in love with these boots. These boots couldn’t be more perfect for adorning with a spring dress and with ease can become a permanent for not only autumn but winter as well.


As you can probably tell I have a slight obsession with black boots, truth be told they are the first thing that draw my attention and I pity the person that must drag me away from the shoe section of any store! I would love to know in the comments down below what your thoughts are on the black boots mentioned above and what your fashion kryptonite is!

                                                                          Mary J xo  


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