Thursday, March 9, 2017

All you need is a good pair of Chucks

I know that I have not posted on this blog as consistently as I would have liked to these past three weeks but I can assure you all that I have no forgotten about you! I always find around this time of year that college becomes a little hectic and with early mornings and late evenings I found I just wasn’t managing my time right. I of course wanted to be posting consistently and frequently and as equally as the former I wanted to enjoy sitting down and composing these blog posts which Is ultimately why I decided to take a little bit of a break. I never want to feel stressed or under pressure while doing something I love, I want these posts to flow as organically as possible like fleeting thoughts in my wandering mind, so with this said I am now back on track. I wanted to meet my return with a post about an item that is very near and dear to my wardrobe, All Star Chuck Taylor Converse.

Chucks are such a quintessential part in my everyday look that looking back I am appalled that I have never written about them before. Living a busy life where you are always on the go basically requires a good pair of comfy shoes, and I can’t think of another shoe fitting for this title as much as Chucks are. I slide my feet in and out of them day in and day out without a second thought and honestly don’t know if there is any shoe that could replace Chucks in my wardrobe. They have become a such iconic look and really made a big return with Dr Martens last year when the 90’s grunge was back in full force. Converse became a go to piece in so many different wardrobes and it was definitely one of my favourite trends of last year.

 I discovered converse about 7 years ago and have become a staple ever since. I can still remember ordering my first pair which was in a sea foam green colour and I am not kidding when I say that I wore them to death. I finally had to retire them 2 years ago when I realised that I have worn the sole of them down to basically non existence. Ever since this first pair my love for them has only grown, they are a purchase that is so worth the price of them, there is not many pairs of shoes that I have owned that have lasted the Irish weather for 5 years! It’s a feat in itself, never mind the fact that these are a pair of shoes that almost utter the words versatility. Whether you are going to college, to lunch, on a date or even a music festival, these shoes will be firmly on your feet where they belong. 

A great thing that Converse have been able to master is that they appeal to all unique sense of style, the athleisure aesthetic, the professional aesthetic and everything in between. It’s a shoe that ties all our individual styles together with two white shoe laces! There is so much that I could talk and frankly rave about with Chucks but I thought why not just shoe you all some of my favourite styles that Converse have to offer all our wardrobes.

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Colours Black black

Chuck Taylor All Star Platform White white

Chuck Taylor All Star '70 Polka Dots Black/Parchment/Natural black/parchment/natural

Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic Gunmetal/White/Black gunmetal/white/black
*all the pictures have embedded links if you would like to grab yourself a pair!

A life without Chucks would be a very uncomfortable walk so why not pamper the feet that are bringing you to wonderful and exciting new adventures!
Let me know in the comments down below what your favourite pair of Converse are, I would love to know!

                                                                                         Mary J xo


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