Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Keeping cosy on the daily

Just when I thought there was a hint of spring in the air and that it was safe to pack away my winter gear it seems that I have spoken too soon. As soon as that thought left my head I was pulling on a knit and hugging a scarf around my neck, the cold having thoroughly come back to Ireland with a bang. I have now learned not to let the clear bright sunny days get my hopes up and that just because its sunny does not mean it’s warm! Anyways, with that rant over I thought that I would share with you all what my outfits have consisted of for my everyday look that has kept me nice and cosy.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this amazing pick knit! It is so stunningly bright and cheery that all I can think when I’m wearing it is that it’s an ode to the spring that is almost but not quite upon us. This was actually a piece I purchased during the sales in January and was without a doubt one of my favourite purchases in the last month. I decided this day that I was going to let the sweater be the focal point of this whole outfit so I adorned black everywhere else. This has been one of my favourite outfits that I have styled of recent and has given me so much inspiration for other outfits I can wear for those breezy winter mornings.

I also wanted to draw your attention to the shoes that I’m wearing, the black asos brogues. These are a pair of shoes that I mentioned in my ‘Jumping outside the box: Fashion edition’ which you can read here. This pair of shoes was a challenge that I gave myself so I would hop out of my fashion comfort zone, because after all isn’t that what fashion is all about. Learning to push the boundaries and limits that you assign to yourself and as a result creating something magnificent. These brogues where something I had always adored on other people but had never found my signature style with them until now, looking back on the photos I realised that this is probably my absolutely favourite way to style them and will definitely be incorporating them into more of my looks in the future.

                                                                                              The Outfit
                                                                                             Top: New Look

                                                                                             Pants: H&M
                                                                                             Shoes: Asos

Let me know in the comments down below what has been your everyday look of the minute and what is your favourite way to style brogues.

                                                                                                        Mary J xo

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