Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why fashion is one of the purest forms of self expression

Playing dress up as a little girl was an integral part of my childhood, it was probably one of the first opportunities I had to express myself and explore my instinctual likes and dislikes. There was a freedom and power that came with opening my wardrobe and tearing through all my endless options and limitless possibilities and deciding for myself what my outfit of the day was going to be.

I have the clearest memories of opening the wardrobe that I shared with my two younger sisters and shuffling through the hangers and folded clothes, helping each other choose the ‘perfect’ outfit. These are memories that I still cherish to this day and I often find myself recalling these nostalgic thoughts with a little giggle as I choose my outfit presently. As I get older I definitely find myself resorting back to my five-year-old self, trying styles that I would normally not consider and being unabashed in my opinions about fashion. This for me is what fashion is all about, expression at its simplest level.

So often we are told what ‘suits’ us and what will ‘flatter our figure the best’ but in the end of the day that is not what self-expression is about. Self-expression is about unearthing what truly makes us happy and what makes us feel the most confident. The more I thought about it the more I realised that sometimes we can let ourselves be stifled with the opinions that surround us. We, including myself can sometimes let our voices be covered with the voices of other people’s opinions and for me that takes away from the unique service that fashion provides us with. Fashion is supposed to fun and experimental and quirky and tailored, it is supposed to be all these adjectives and more. There is no limit to the power that fashion possesses so why do we often let that power be taken away from us?

I like everybody else follow trends, but I realise that while I might enjoy a certain trend, it doesn’t dictate who I am and shouldn’t confine you into this fashion box of what you can and can’t wear.  Fashion has this capability to let unique sides of our personality be shown to the world without even uttering a word and personally that is why I love fashion so much. I decide what I want to wear and what side of myself I want to show that day whether it’s the side of me that dresses for comfort or the side that wants to conquer the world in a leather jacket.

Before I finish there is one quote that I want to share with you that came to my mind while I was writing this 

                                 “Don’t be intro trends. Don’t make fashion own you,
                                  But you decide what you are, what you want to
                                  express by the way you dress and the way to live”
                                                                            -          Gianni Versace

 This is one of the most beautiful quotes about fashion that I have ever come across and in essence embodies my whole point. We are fashion at the barest level and in the deepest part of us, we are the ‘trends’ and the fashion faux pas and everything in between. Fashion is the first voice we gain by ourselves and it’s a voice that we need to hold on and let it truly express how we feel.  
I’d love to know in the comments what your opinion is on self-expression through fashion and how it has changed your life because it has truly changed mine. 

                                                                              Mary J xo 

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