Monday, January 2, 2017

The ‘New you’ Mind-set

As we all embark on the journey that is 2017 I wanted to take some time and reflect on the “new year new you” mind-set.  While I agree that everybody should view the start of the year as a clean slate and a fresh start, the start of a new year is not the only time to be improving yourself. Consistency is the key to improvement and I think should be applied all year round. We often, myself included will take up a new resolution at the beginning of the year but by mid-January that resolution has been long forgotten. I noticed that this was because I was thinking in the short term and not in the long term. I wasn’t thinking about all the little baby steps I would need to take to ultimately reach my end goal and therefore I always ended up feeling like a failure.

So this year I thought I would reflect on what I have done wrong and really strive to make improvements to my life this year.  I want to be the best version of myself, not the best version of someone else. I also have to remind myself to enjoy the process and love the journey of personal growth that I am about to embark on. Of course it will be a very slow process and sometimes gruelling and testing but isn’t that what life is all about, looking back and remembering all the obstacles and turbulences that you were able to overcome.

To make 2017 a success from the very beginning I combined a list of all the personal improvements I want to apply and hopefully by the end of 2017 I can re-evaluate and see with my own eyes how far I have come as a person in a year. These goals will hopefully bring me closer to the person that I want to become and I think these are goals that we can all work on together.

My 2017 Resolutions:
1.        Listen more
I am guilty like so many people of putting my thoughts ahead of the words that are coming out of another person’s mouth. It’s a bad habit I have picked up over the years and so often I am so caught in my own opinion and what I’m saying that I am not listening to the other persons’ view. It’s a trait that I want to completely eliminate this year once and for all and truly take advantage of the wisdom that my amazing friends and family surround me with.

2.       Have a better work ethic in all aspects of my life
This is something that I struggle with year in and year out. I will always start the year or the semester with an enormous amount of motivation and positivity but this quickly runs out. I so easily drift back into the old habit that is laziness. So this year I am going to give my best attempt at keeping my drive constant and finding motivation and inspiration when I am lacking.

3.       Make a conscious effort to leave my comfort zone
Leaving my comfort zone can be difficult at the best of times and it can be so tough to have that internal struggle of trying to push yourself. I will be the first to admit that it is daunting stepping outside your little bubble and attempting something new but with this comes a sense of pride and achievement that can be compared to nothing else. This is ultimately how we grow and find new loves and passions and I’m ready to experience this more in 2017.

4.       Read more so I can educate myself in all topics and aspect of life.
Reading is one of my favourite hobbies and is a pursuit that I often don’t have time for. In my opinion this practice is one of the greatest ways of developing as a person and can give insight into worlds and cultures that none of us could imagine. I long to have knowledge that is well beyond my years and 2017 will be the start of the path to erudition.

5.       Healthy mind and body
I think this a goal many of us have, myself included and is part of my resolutions every year. I think this is because I realise that my mind and body is always a constant work in progress, I will never be perfect and will always be ever changing and ever progressing. This year for my mind I want to focus on taking time every night before I go to sleep to unwind and withdraw from the world and for my body I want to appreciate everything it can do by fuelling it with the most wholesome food (chocolate cookies included).

These resolutions will be by no means easy to complete but I can guarantee to myself and anyone who’s reading this that they are attainable and completely worth it. Let’s make 2017 the best year yet and leave this year with no regrets.

                                                                             Mary J xo

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