Friday, January 6, 2017

Lips in the nude

I am one of those people that loves a good nude lip, in fact I will go as far to say that 99% of the time that is what I am rocking. Unfortunately, I like so many other people find it incredibly hard to find the perfect shade that will compliment my skin tone. More often than not the shade will either be too peachy or too dark and ends up looking like I put on a lipstick without looking at the colour.  As I have mentioned before it can be pretty difficult to find shades to match your skin tone when you are pale such as myself and more often than not I find myself standing in front of mirror wondering if I can pull off the shade. This is where having two sisters and a mom comes in extremely helpful, they are my second line of advice and I think I would have made a lot more beauty faux pas if it wasn’t for their words of advice.

Nevertheless, in my quest to find the perfect nude I have fortunately found two products that I would recommend to all the pale people out there. These shades have more of a pink undertone to them so they don’t wash out my face and actually bring some more colour to my face without looking mismatched.  So without further delay, my two must have nudes are the Maybelline Super Stay 24-hour lipstick in 61 Crème Caramel and the Isadora Lip Desire sculpting lipstick in 50 Nude Blush. These are holy grail products and honestly I can’t express my love for them enough.

There is so much that I adore and could write about with the Maybelline lipstick. Uniquely it has a two-step process where you first apply the pigmented colour and let it dry. Matte lipsticks are normally so drying that they literally leach all of the moisture out of our lips, therefore this is where the next step of the conditioning balm becomes important. This balm looks like a normal lip balm but will actually nourish your lips while also locking in the colour. Throughout the day you will never need to apply the colour which is an enormous success itself, and definitely cannot be said about a lot of other brands. I have never experienced cracking while wearing this lipstick and there is so much variety in colours that I would definitely give it 5 stars.

Without a doubt I could also write forever about the Isadora sculpting lipstick. This is a much creamier formula than the Maybelline lipstick and in my experience adds more dimensions to my lips while making them feel more plump. The pigmentation that this lipstick has while still managing to feel weightless is incredible and would definitely be more a day-to-day lipstick than the Maybelline. I also really enjoy the tip of the lipstick which is perfecting for sculpting your lips with ease and is incomparable to any other lipstick that I have experienced before.  As I mentioned before, this is undoubtedly a lipstick that I would advocate for somebody that loves a good nude on a daily basis as it honestly feels like your just wearing Vaseline. Again I would have to give this product 5 stars and in my opinion is a highly underrated product that I think a lot of people would be captivated by.

I know that these colours might not be for everybody especially if you have a darker complexion but there is an array of colours that you can choose so that you can still enjoy this unique but amazing formulas. I will leave a link here where you can purchase the Maybelline lipstick and here where you can buy the Isadora lipstick. Hopefully you love these products as much as I do and if you have, I would love to know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

                                                                                 Mary J xo


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