Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jumping outside the box: Fashion edition

I am slowly experimenting more and more with my style and it has changed so much in the past year. I used to be the person that under no circumstance would stray from what I knew, would not even give a new option a second glance. While this is definitely easier and without a doubt more comfortable to reside in that comfort zone of yours it is unquestionably more boring. I used to never look forward to picking my outfit of the day and would just throw on anything that was easy, I still have those days’ mind you, but all in all experimenting with fashion and pushing my limits has brought more fun than I could explain and has surprisingly improved my creativity in creating new looks within my wardrobe.

After my fashion awaking (just to be dramatic) I have become a huge advocate of leaping outside your self-defined box and trying something new, it doesn’t have to be any enormous change, even just styling a necklace or a top that you thought was a little to ‘out there’ for you. That’s why this month I want us all, including myself to try styling a new fashion piece. Applying this to my life has added so much diversity to my wardrobe but there is still so much that I still want to explore.

So for this month I am going to pick brogues as my piece that I am going to integrate more into my wardrobe. I have the most amazing pair from Asos  (linked below) and have always struggled with putting an outfit together with them. It is a shoe I have always admired so this month I am giving myself no more excuses.

Let me know in the comments what piece you are going to challenge yourself with this month and how you are going to style it. I am hoping for this to become a monthly blog post and that by the end of the year all our wardrobes are filled with 12 new and exciting pieces, no matter how big or small.


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