Monday, December 26, 2016

The boots under the christmas tree

Office lucky charm studded boots, need I say anything more!
If I had to name I product that I have been lusting over for the last few months it would have to be these amazing boots. I am a person that is very selective in my choice in boots but with these boots there was no doubt, the minute I saw them I was in love.
These boots are a perfect dupe for the Givenchy Embellished leather boot without the one thousand euro price tag and are just such a statement piece that I couldn't pass up these pieces of leather heaven.

The Office boots are described as western influenced boots in leather with metal hardware detailing and I don't think there is a more accurate description. A significant bonus of these boots is that they come in an array of different colours and hardware such as black nubuck and red leather just to name a few.
The style that I chose was the Black leather with the silver hardware, this was based on the fact that they would suit my current wardrobe the best. The minute that my eyes clasped eyes on these boots I knew that these were a literal extension of my wardrobe right in front of me.

The principal word I would use to describe these boots is versatility. I can envision the amount of ways these boots can be styled  for different occasions and different seasons. For example during the winter the boots could be styled with jeans, a sweater and a leather jacket while in the summer these boots could be styled with a cute mini dress. The possibilities are infinite and I think that's why I was so attracted to this piece.

Personally I believe that every person needs a pair of black boots in their shoe collection. It is such a staple piece to a collection and you never know when an outfit might call for a black boot. The greatest reward that comes from these boots is that they will be in your wardrobe for years to come and still be as current as they are today.

More often I am seeing that the idea of the classic boot is being redesigned and elevated and I can't see this trend leaving the runways any time soon. Down below I will link where you can purchase these amazing boots or If you would like to splurge on the Givenchy version I will also leave the link as well.

Lucky Charm Studded Buckle Western Boots     Shop Givenchy

As the year comes to a close I'd love to know what product you have been lusting after this year so please let me know in the comments down below!
                                                                             Mary J xo


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