Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Taming the frizz

To me a hair care routine does not have to be extensive with a hundred different products and just as many steps. In my opinion you can have maybe two or three steps and be just if not more successful.
In this blog post I am going to talk about three different products that I use every time I wash my hair and have done my hair a world of good.

Starting off I do have to mention that I only wash my hair twice a week because I have naturally dry and coarse hair so if you do have fine or naturally oily hair these products might not be the best for you. But for the people that have dry/coarse these are my holy grail products.

The first two products that I'm going to talk about are the L'Oreal Paris Elvive extraordinary clay re-balancing shampoo and the matching conditioner. These two products have done wonders for my hair. All the shampoos and conditioners before these products left my hair dry, frizzy and basically untameable. I had given up hope of every having a good hair day until I found these products. This shampoo is described for people who have oily roots and dry ends which is exactly my hair texture. This shampoo perfectly balances my hair and without drying out the ends of my hair. Following this I apply the conditioner to the ends of my hair and leave it absorb for about five minutes.which again aids with hydrating the ends of my hair. These products do exactly what they are supposed to and I think that is what I love the most.  The above products can be purchased here at an amazing price.

Succeeding this first step I will next move on to applying my final fundamental product in this routine. This product is Umberto Giannini Curl Friends ultimate curls nourishing oil and I absolutely adore this formula.  The principle ingredient in this formula is coconut oil and I can't describe to you all how unbelievably amazing this product is. I apply this to my damp hair after I have shampooed and conditioned  and will use about three or four pumps to enrich my hair. I don't have the curliest of hair but will enhance and define the curls like no other product that I have used. This is definitely a product that I could't live without and my hair has never felt better since I started using it about a year ago. What I enjoy most about this nourishing oil is that a little bit is all you need to banish the frizz and add that shine of healthy hair.
Again I have left a link here that will lead to a page where you can purchase this product.

My hair has never felt more incredible since I have started using these three products and would recommend that you give them a try and see for yourself. I'd love to know in the comments what your holy grail hair products are and what your opinion of these products are!

                                                                              Mary J xo


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