Saturday, December 31, 2016

Comfort food at its finest

Taking a day to detox from everyday life is one of my favourite things to do when I am on a break from university. Without even realizing it, the stress of life begins to become a weight on my shoulders and I just need a day to recharge and chill out. This is where my love of comfort food comes in, it brings a sense of unabashed indulgence that fuels my recharge and leaves me ready to face the next day head on. Today was one of these rare detox days so I decided that I would picture 3 of my favourite dishes and give a peek into the best comfort foods.

Soup is such an underrated dish and is something that I often crave on a cold winters day. So what better way to end the year than making your own homemade soup with your sister. This was a vegetable soup and I may be biased but was one of the best soups I have ever had. It contained basically any vegetable that we could find at a moment’s notice and was all chucked into a pot to boil and simmer. This soup thoroughly satisfied the immense craving I had been having and went down a treat.

Anything with rice is always a comfort food for me and the dinner that I had today was no different. My mom made the most amazing chilli dish with beef and chilli sauce on top of a bed of rice. There is nothing that compares to the full feeling I get from rice and was a perfect meal. For me that is the beauty of food, it can be so easy to prepare yet at the same time be so delicious.

Since its Christmas time I always take full advantage of the mince pies that seem to decorate every shop shelf. Luckily for me I am the only one in my family that enjoys these delectable treats so I get free reign over every single one of them. For my final meal of the evening I decided to treat myself to a hot chocolate and mince pie, finishing off my Friday night the way I love to.

I am aware that in this post I don’t really have the healthiest food choices but for me that is the point of this rejuvenation in a way. It’s my way of just giving into my indulgences and just treating myself. In everyday life we are all under immense inner and outer pressure and sometimes you just have to give ourselves a break. I wrote this post not only to share with you all my favourites things to eat but to also show that is okay to not eat the healthiest all the time and it is more than alright to give a day all to yourself. As 2016 comes to a close why don’t you all indulge in yourselves before we open the next chapter and fresh start that is 2017.

                                                                              Mary J x0


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