Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bringing the sparkle

Christmas is often the one excuse we all use to introduce the glitzy sparkle into our life once again even if its just for a short while. It's the time where every manner of clothing seems to be dotted with sequins and glitter becomes the best accessory to every outfit. It has always plagued me why sparkles are only reserved for the end of the year, while the rest of the year is without. I think this is where my internal need to have sparkly nails comes from, the desire to live in a world where sparkles are present all year round.

My nails are something I have always taken great pride in, from about the age of twelve my nails have always been lathered in some form of nail polish. Manicured nails have become an integral part in who I am and in reflection has become a sort of therapy for me. There is something so soothing and rhythmic about the process of removing the old chipped nail polish from the week before and reapplying with a fresh coat of whatever colour I drift towards that day. This Saturday night of self-pampering has become somewhat of a routine, a routine that I find myself looking forward to.

Personally I always find myself drifting towards the shades of pink and nude, no matter how hard I try to explore a new shade I still find myself on the sofa with a glass bottle filled with one of the many shades of pink that find their home in my collection. I’m a creature of habit I guess you could say. Pictured here I have one of my favourite nail polishes which is the Isadora wonder nail in 115 water rose. This is such as classic shade for me and has become a weekly application for the fact that it dries so quick and has such a flawless application.


Excusing the colours though, I think the small act of applying a coat of nail polish can make an enormous difference, not only to your mood but to your outlook on life. It may only be nail polish to some but to others it’s an act of self-love and is analogous to applying makeup every day.

“The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colours, clothing, makeup all express something”
                       -Gene Simmons

This breath-taking quote made by the infamous Gene Simmons can easily be applied to nail polish, as an extension of ones self. It’s a powerful tool that I think more of us need to understand and take advantage of. The little things in life bring the biggest impact and this includes the sparkles upon our nails.
                                                                        Mary J xo


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