Monday, October 31, 2016

The Underrated Accessory

Sunglasses are often an overlooked accessory. Everybody wants that statement bag or that statement shoe, or even that statement necklace but often sunglasses are forgotten about. In my opinion they can often be more of an effective statement piece than any other accessory.

 Personally sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories. Sunglasses can be that statement piece in an otherwise basic look. They are such an easy item to throw on as your leaving the house and will give your look that something special.

Another bonus of sunglasses is the versatility of the piece, they never go out of fashion. Sunglasses are the one thing that are present in every FW time and time again. There may be new concept on an old classic but they all arrive at the same result of being a everlasting accessory.
Candidly I am an immense lover of Ray-Ban sunglasses. They are such a timeless sunglasses brand that make absolutely amazing sunglasses that stand the test of time. The pair pictured here are the Ray Ban Aviator Flash Lenses in violet mirror. I bought these sunglasses two years ago and they look the same as when I opened the package!

What I enjoy most about this pair is the fact that Ray-Ban mingles the classic style with the aviator frame and the uniqueness of these violet lenses. This ensures that these sunglasses will always be a staple in your wardrobe while being that special item that adds that edginess to your look.

Sunglasses are a component of any wardrobe that works in every season. Whether its spring, summer, autumn or winter. Whether its being styled with a summer dress or a chunky knit, this piece is relevant and will be relevant for years to come.

I would love to hear about your underrated accessory, so please let me know in the comments down below
Mary J xo


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